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Wellness Counseling

The main goal of Retreat to Wellness is for all of our clients to gain control of their life, become healthy, and obtain a sense of well-being. 

With this in mind, our 360 degree wellness-committed approach goes beyond the administration medications or therapies. Our approach extends to a long-term commitment for a healthier and fuller lifestyle where you look and feel better than before.

To help you get you started in this journey to a better YOU, we offer wellness counseling & nutritional guidance.

From these coaching sessions, your overall health status will be assessed, an overall laboratory metabolic wellness & hormone status (if needed) will be done, nutritional assessment, fitness level assessment, and more.

You will learn how to make healthier choices every step of the way, lose weight if needed, improve your health, and improve your overall well being.

Wellness Counseling: Treatments
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Women's Health & Wellness

Committed to a Better Feeling You

Integrative Medicine

Natural Medicine Just for You

Medically Guided Weight Loss

Living Your Healthiest Life

Wellness Counseling: Services
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