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LDN Therapy

LDN (Low Dose Naltrexone) Therapy bridges across all therapies and is suitable for a wide spectrum of individuals with, or without, any diagnosable disease.

Many individuals have found that LDN substantially enhances their feeling of well-being, increases energy and modulates the immune system. 

LDN has been found to be beneficial in a number of disease conditions, most notably:


  • Inflammatory Disorders

  • Autoimmune disorders


  • Rheumatoid arthritis

  • Parkinson's Disease

  • Multiple Sclerosis, among others.

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LDN Therapy: Service

About LDN Therapy

The maximum benefit from LDN is achieved by careful titration using a natural liquid formulation. Patients then may be converted to a natural capsule formulation. LDN is not habit-forming and may be stopped at any time, however most patients - upon realizing the many benefits - wish to continue this therapy longterm.

Retreat to Wellness and pharmacist Dave Goodlaxson have been advocating for LDN Therapy since 2012 after seeing its dramatic benefits on a family member. 

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LDN Therapy: Text
Low Dose Naltrexone


The Answers You Need Regarding LDN Therapy

LDN Therapy: FAQ

Is LDN Therapy For Me?

Most individuals experience noticeable benefits from LDN Therapy. These are often not immediate and may require up to two months of therapy to be realized.

Is LDN Therapy Convenient?

LDN is dosed just once, every 24 hours at an individualized optimum time. Your ANRP and Pharmacist will advise on an optimum time for you.

How Do I Get Started on LDN?

Contact Susanne Landgrebe at Retreat to Wellness to get started today!

What Should I Expect After Receiving My Prescription?

You can expect to get a telephone call from compounding pharmacist, Dave Goodlaxson. At that time, Dave will provide recommendations regarding your individualized dosing.

Why is LDN Therapy Not a Commercially-Available Product?

Big Pharma has no interest in products that do not make them substantial sums of money. Assuming no insurance, LDN Therapy is highly individualized and costs approximately $1 per day.

Is LDN Therapy Habit Forming?

No. LDN is not a controlled substance and is not habit forming. LDN will not show up on any drug tests.

What Other Resources Are Available on LDN Therapy?

A general web search may help answer additional questions, or visit You can also reach out to Susanne Landgrebe at any time to see if LDN Therapy is right for you.

What Side Effects Should I Expect from LDN Therapy?

Approximately 1/3 of patients mention some insomnia upon starting LDN Therapy. This is minimized by slow upwards titration of your individualized dose. Another 1/3 of patients notice drowsiness immediately following their dose. Quite infrequently (hard to quantify) some patients notice nausea immediately following their dose.

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